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[Industry News] Output Lumen Compensation
Output Lumen Compensation (OLC) may be used to maintain constant light output over the life of the LEDs by driving them at a reduced current when new, then gradually increasing the drive current over time to counteract LED lumen degradation.
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[Industry News] LED Definition
Unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs are not inherently white light sources. Instead, LEDs emit nearly monochromatic light, making them highly efficient for colored light applications such as traffic lights and exit signs. However, to be used as a general light source, white light is needed. White light
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[Industry News] How To Indicate The End Life And Related Lifetime Of LED Light
L and B can help you to know clearly.L defines the percentage of lumen comparing with the initial lumens. B value means the failure data at the L data. So LB value indicate the real lifetime at a certain hours.Like L80B10 at 50,000 hours means the LED lamp keeping 80% lumen from initial lumen and on
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[Industry News] LED Drivers – The Subtle but Powerful Component Behind LED Lighting
LED lighting is the ultimate lighting technology. LEDs are energy efficient, they produce better quality light, they are durable, they are long lasting, they are eco-friendly, on top of many other benefits. This makes LED lighting very popular. However, despite this, most people do not have a clear
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